Hard, Soft, Cones, Barrels, Eliminators, Barricals, Aluminum Insert, Short Cones, Plugged Bushings, Black Widows. All urethane, but with a very distinct different feeling and different applications for each. Keep in mind for both trucks, you will generally need 2 sets of bushings.

If you're looking to make your board feel different than it already does, bushings are a great place to start. There are many different shapes and durometers that will all make your board different than what it currently feels like. The main factor is the durometer (hardness) of your bushings. Generally speaking, the softer the bushings you use, the more turn you will get. As far as choosing something right for you, it may take a few sets to dial them in properly. It is a personal preference when dealing with bushings, but there are some standards involving weight. Someone that weighs over 200 pounds will probably not be riding 78a bushings, but a light rider that is less then 60 pounds will be. Right around 160-180 pounds will be somewhere around 87a-90a for downhill purposes, with possibly harder depending on preference. From there, you kinda can get an idea of what you like.

But what bushings to go with is pretty simple, for traditional kingpin trucks you run smaller bushings. They will typically run something like the Khiro Standard Barrel for a more restrictive feel, or the double cone style. Out of the double cone style, there are 2 types, the Bones Hardcore which come in 3 different durometers, soft, medium, and hard. The Khiro Aluminum Inserts are a little more technical, with a metal washer instead of the nylon on the Bones, and come in many durometers such as 73a, 79a, 85a, 90a, 92a, 95a, and 98a. You can get a more technical feeling out of your trucks with this, giving a little more room for a specific feel. These bushings are two cones, one shorter and one a little bit taller. The taller bushings will go on the board side, and the shorter go on the road side. 

With longboard bushings for reverse kingpin trucks, theres a few different routes you can go. There is the Barrel/Cone combo, giving you the stability of a barrel but the proper turn of a cone. This will be ideal for most carving, garages, cruising, and freeride. The Cone/Cone combo will be for heavy carving, and will be wheel bite paradise with bigger wheels on some boards. The Barrel/Barrel combo will be the most stable for downhill, or even carving if you like a more restrictive feeling in your trucks. If you want something that is a little more pump style, swap one of the barrels with a Riot Black Widow for a more responsive pump.

The plug style bushings like the Riot Standard Barrels with RiotPlugs will be very specific to a certain truck. The bushing has a circle that extends off the bushings that goes in the kingpin hole. What this does it eliminate slop in the kingpin and give you turn a more fluid, stable feeling. There are also the plugs separate from the bushings, which will give you more options to change the plug durometer but not the bushings.

Pick up a few packs of bushings, and experiment to see what fits you best. If you have any question regarding what durometer mayt fit you best, give us a call at the Houston Shop, or send over a contact form and we'd be glad to help.