Grip Tape

Grip tape is basically like sandpaper with glue on the black, coming in all different grits and sold by the foot or in packs with varying lengths in squares.

When picking griptape, the main thing is to keep the width of your board in mind. Grip tape comes in 9", 10", and 11" widths. Keep in mind if you buy griptape that is not wide enough to fit your board, you may have to get creative.

For skateboards, it is always suggested that you go either with the MobJessup, or the Pimp Grip Clear, just because the more coarse griptape will tear up your shoes and stick you to the board more than it should. You can also get a little more creative and go with a sheet that has cool designs like this Mob Sheet with Kittens on it.

For longboards, you can still go with the regular griptape like the Mob, Jessup, or Pimp Grip, but you are open to more intense grip tape that will stick you to the board more for when you need that extra grip. There are less coarse griptapes the like Mob Rough 50 Grit, or more coarse griptape like the Vicious, Blood Orange, or Landyachtz Hammer Tape.

Gripping a board is a little more challenging with the coarse griptapes, but if you purchase/order a board and want the griptape installed, we will gladly do so in store or for online orders.