Riser Pads

Everyone that has stepped on a board with loose trucks has probably suffered from wheelbite before, where the wheel touches the board when turning and as Newtons Laws state, you get chucked and the board stops.

Rule of thumb for riser pads on a topmount board is that 70mm wheels will require a 1/4" of riser pads, while 75mm and bigger wheels will generally require you to ride a 1/2" of riser. The more riser that you have on a board, the more leverage you can get over the trucks while making you a little less stable.

If you don't have big wheels on your board, a shock pad, or a 1/8" soft riser is great for protecting the board from the trucks and extending the life of your deck.

You can even just get a little bit more color in your life with the Luxe Risers, coming in 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", and 1/2" wedge. These are a medium flex riser pad, meaning it is half a shock pad and half a riser. This makes the ride a little smoother while still getting the full rise out of the pad.

The last factor of riser pads is the Wedge Risers. These can make a board have more turn, or less turn depending on which way you flip them. You can get extra technical with the Khiro Wedge Kit, unlike your standard wedge/riser on the Luxe, Sector 9 Wedges. These are a little more advanced and definitely for the more techncial rider.