So you want a board to go sideways on, eh?

Freeride boards are used to slide, get steezy with freestyle tricks, and do a bit of mild downhill. Freeride boards usually have rocker, W-concave, micro-drops, drop-platforms, gas-pedals, flush-mounts, a kicktail or two, and a bevy of other features that make it easier for you to hold out those stand up slides. Generally speaking, topmount boards offer more controlled slides but are a bit harder to initiate while drop-through boards kick out easier but are harder to control while in the slide. Lately we've been digging the Loaded Tesseract, Gravity Raging Tiger, and Pantheon Harbringer for freeride But when it comes down to it, it's all personal preference based on your riding style. The One important thing when looking for a freeride board is a comfortable concave to keep you locked in for those long slides and drifts, we reccomend coarse griptape to help with this as well. Keep in mind though that this is just our opinion on what makes freeriding easier, if you want to show up to a freeride sesh rocking flip-flops and riding a flexy drop through with no concave and no grip then go for it. There's no right or wrong way to skate; just go out, have fun, and get rad.