Helmets are extremely important.

Most head injuries can be prevented by wearing a proper helmet. With the new style of longboarding and the increase of speed, you become more likely to wash out and land on your butt and head. You should always make sure that your helmet is snug and secure, otherwise the point of wearing a helmet is no longer there.

There are many different helmet manufacturers, using different foams than the other. Out of the helmets we carry, there are soft foam helmets like the Triple 8 Sweat Saver, which is comfortable with removable pads that you can wash. While being comfortable, it is not as safe as a certified helmet like the Bern EPS foam helmets.  Bern also makes a different style soft foam helmet like the Triple 8, but with a hard foam on the inside the shell then soft foam out of that. It is not removable, but is a very comfortable fit.