Longboard Wheels

Let's get Rolling

Longboards wheels come in all shapes, sizes, and durometers. There are wheels that carry lots of speed for mobbing down hills, harder wheels for blasting huge slides, and some that are small enough to be used in a park. The durometer scale on the wheels represents how hard the urethane is, this effects how the wheel performs in multiple aspects such as how they grip, how well they slide, and how fast they are. The durometer scale for longboard wheels goes anywhere from 72a-88a with the lower durometer being softer and the higher being harder. The softer the wheels, the better they'll grip the road and the slower the rollspeed will be. The harder wheels will slide easier and roll a bit faster but lack the grip of the softer wheels. There are plenty of wheels on the market that have a durometer somewhere in the middle so you can find a good wheel for almost any type of skating you're looking to do.