Freeride Wheels

Wheels for Going Sideways

Freeride wheels are great for doing the slidey things, featuring more of the high durometers for an easy release and longer skids. These wheels are typically stone ground, meaning that the mold release(sheen) on the wheel is ground off which breaks the wheels in so they are ready to slide right out of the package. There are many different factors that affect the wheels performance such as the size of the contact patch(the surface area of the wheel that contacts the pavement), shape of the lip(the outside edge of the wheel), and the setting of the core(the position of the bearing in the wheel).

The contact patch is how much of the wheel is making contact with the ground while it rolls. The contact patch determines how much the wheel will want to grip when initiating a slide. Wheels with a smaller contact patch (like the Waterloo Mashers) are easier to kick out but are harder to control while in the slide. Slide wheels with a big contact patch (like the Divine Street Slayers) are harder to kick out but give you more resistance when sliding which makes it easier to control the slide.

The shape of the lip of the wheel can also effect the way they slide. the vast majority of freeride wheels have a rounded edge on them (like the Galaxy Meteors) allowing them to slide smoother compared to the square lipped wheels (like the Bustin sniper Five-0) which would have a rougher slide and also shave off more speed.

Lastly the core position in the wheel determines how easy the wheels will slide and how long the wheels will last. Centerset freeride wheels have the core set in the center of the wheel which is nice because you're wheels will wear more evenly and you can flip them if they start to cone.  However, they provide more stability and grip so they may not be the best for getting sideways.  Sideset Wheels have the core on the inside of the wheel closest to the board.  This are perhaps the slidiest of the three core types because it puts the your weight in the perfect spot to break traction. But, these wheels are going to cone the fastest beacuse they tear up the insides of your wheel.  Offset wheels are in between sideset and centerset wheels.  They provide awesome traction and still leaves the inner lip a little shorter so you can get your slide on.  These make great freeride wheels when they are broke in or stone ground, and awesome race wheels when fresh.