Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are generally harder wheels that are anywhere from 50mm-65mm in size.

The main difference between the wheels beside size is durometer. The durometer is how hard or soft the wheel is, and will have an effect on how the wheel rolls on different pavements. The harder wheels will be more fit for places like the skatepark where the pavement is almost perfect and nothing will affect the roll speed of the wheel. The softer wheels will be more appropriate as a grippy park wheel, or even nicer for the streets and places where the pavement is not like the skateparks.

Keep in mind with wheelsize, you will struggle with wheelbite on the bigger wheels.

With wheel size in the skateboard wheels, the smaller wheels like the Sk808 Philosopher 52mm will give you more acceleration and less weight.  With less weight, it will be easier to ollie and do flip tricks, and also not hang up as much on the coping for grinds. The bigger wheels like the Sk808 Philosopher 60mm will be nicer for holding your speed and doing more so transition skating. The bigger profile will keep you locked in on coping with a little more risk for hanging up.

You just have to keep in mind what you want to do and what will fit your skating best. A 55mm wheel will be perfect as a great inbetween, like the Sk808 Philospher 55mm.