Give Us Your Footy-We Make You Famous

Rip at skating, film yourself ripping, send it to us at, and we'll do the rest. That's right, if it's the good stuff we will post it on and make promos out of it. Once you send it to us, you give us permission to use it in any manner we choose. We love footy and we sit around the shop watching this stuff all day. If you want to get us to take notice, here are some things that will move you to the front of the line:

         -famous people skating(including famous skaters)

         -hybrid skating(you make up the definiton of hybrid)

         -product reviews, trick tips, and anything else that maybe informative(must include skating/no boring crap)

         -ripping skaters who happen to be old folk, pretty girls, or little kids

         -animals on skateboards(no torture footy, animal must be skating voluntarily)

Things not to send us:

         -anything that is not skating related

         -crappy, sub-par skating

         -wipe outs and injuries(unless they are truly entertaining)

         -skating without a helmet(we are total nazis about this)

Now go show us how its done, damn it!